Awesome place! Awesome people. The owner seems like a great guy, very friendly. Tayler was my tattoo artist and artist he is! He's great. Great location. Clean and well kept. Will be going here for all my ink from now on. Highly recommend you do the same.

From the first communication with this place, I felt comfortable. Went in today to get a helix piercing. I have a couple others that were done elsewhere, but none were as fun as Ana! She's a trip. Serious about what she does but so relatable, which took any nerves right out of the picture. Will definitely be back!!

Just started my sleeve here with Joey and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out. Absolutely phenomenal work at a very reasonable price! Very professional facility and staff all the way around from start to finish. Definitely will be recommending to anyone looking for a tattoo and will for sure be back.

My daughter had a bad experience with her first piercing at a local store in the mall. We came here today for the first time. We met with Cooley who made her feel very relaxed and pierced her ears a second time. Everyone was friendly. Cooley did not rush us, spent time explaining everything including after care. I am a nurse and the place was very clean and his sterile technique was excellent! I only wish we had known him the first time we pierced her ears. The customer service was superb. They were making a Starbucks run and offered and brought her an iced mocha, which just made her smile. The jewelry is high quality. Thank you Cooley for starting her school year off with the new ear piercings. We will see you soon!


Aftercare Instructions


1. Remove bandage in 3 to 5 hours UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED BY YOUR ARTIST.
2. With clean hands only, thoroughly wash your tattoo with hot water and a good lather of antibacterial liquid soap. Liquid Dial Gold Soap or Liquid Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is recommended. Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT use bar soaps.
3. Pat dry the tattoo with a clean paper towel and apply a small amount of PALMERS COCOA BUTTER* to the tattoo. Be sure to use the Cocoa Butter in a jar, not the lotion pump bottle. Massage all of the cocoa butter completely into the tattoo and be sure there is no excess left behind.


4. No direct sunlight, saunas, soaking, submerging, or swimming of any kind during the healing process. Keep your tattoo free from hair from both yourself and or pets to avoid infection. Avoid tight fitting clothing and direct contact with sheets and or blankets while sleeping.
5. After a couple of days, your tattoo will begin to flake and peel much like a sunburn. Do not pick at or scratch your tattoo during the healing process.

Call the shop if you have any questions regarding the healing of your tattoo

*Healing lotions or ointments may vary from artist to artist. Be sure to check with your artist to be sure you are using the proper aftercare products. 

AFTERCARE IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE HEALING OF YOUR NEW PIERCING Swelling, soreness, and bruising are all normal parts of the healing process and may continue for the first few weeks. Throughout the healing process DO NOT TOUCH OR SLEEP ON YOU NEW PIERCING. For the first night, change your sheets and pillow cases with clean bedding.

    • Clean your new piercing with a sterile saline solution 2 to 3 times a day. We highly recommend using Wound Wash.
    • How to use saline: Irrigate the piercing by flushing the area with the sterile saline spray. Be sure to do this 2 to 3 times a day.
    • Continue to use the Wound Wash or other sterile saline spray for no less than 4 weeks.
  • SOAP
    • When cleaning your new piercing we recommend using Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap once a day in the shower.
    • Use about a dime size amount of soap, work a good lather in your hands and apply it around the new piercing.
    • Rinse the piercing thoroughly.
    • Be sure not to move, or rotate the jewelry.
    • Be sure to thoroughly rinse off your piercing.
    • Do not soak your piercing.
    • Do not use any unrecommended products on your new piercing such as: harsh soaps, alcohol, peroxide, bactine, dial, and/or tea tree oil.
    • Avoid contact from towels, wash cloths, and loofas.
    • No sexual contact involving your new piercing for about 4 to 6 weeks.
    • Keep your piercing away from pets and pet hair.
    • Return to the shop in 4 weeks to have your jewelry fitted properly with a shorter post or ring. This will help to avoid irritation bumps and getting caught on clothing, brushes, and/or towels.
    • In addition to the aforementioned steps these additional steps should be followed for oral piercings such as lips, tongues, labret, etc.
    • Rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash 2 to 3 times a day for about 30 seconds.
    • Get a new toothbrush. Your old toothbrush is full of bacteria. Tongue scrapers are also good for keeping your tongue clean.
    • Return to the shop in 4 weeks to have your jewelry fitted properly. Downsizing your jewelry is important to help with comfort and not to damage teeth and/or gums.

Aftercare products and directions for use may vary based on your artist and what you had done. Please speak to your artist for your personalized aftercare plan. At Sinful Skin Tattoo & Piercing we proudly use the following products:

For those who prefer a one stop shop experience, ask your artist about the Sinful Skin Aftercare Package when you come in to see us!

A touch up is defined as adding detail that is lost in the healing process of a tattoo, for example a line that might have fallen out or a spot of color that did not stick. Touch ups are not complete reworks of tattoos that have not been properly cared for or that have aged over time. For example, if you get a lot of sun and your tattoo fades that is negligence on your behalf and that does not fall under the umbrella of a free touch up. Also, if you improperly heal a tattoo and or use products that our artists do not recommend this is considered negligence. Please take special care to follow our artists instructions and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call the shop.

As a general policy we offer one free touch up. Touch ups will incur a charge due to negligence and improper aftercare. Some areas of the body often require touch ups due the location of the tattoo rather than the application, free touch ups are not offered for these areas. For example; fingers, toes, and necks. Please consult with your artist if you have any questions in regard to our touch up policy.

***For any additional touch ups thereafter, we ask you consult with your artist. It will be at the individual artists discretion as to the pricing of any further touch ups*** 


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