At Sinful Skin Tattoo and Piercing you must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo or piercing of your own free will. For minors ages 16 and 17 presence and consent of parent or legal guardian is necessary to get a tattoo. We also serve minors ages 14 and up for body piercing. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian present to consent in order to get a piercing.

Parent/guardian and minor in question must provide valid state issued photo IDs and both must have matching last names. If the last names do not match we will need further documentation showing the relation, specifically, a birth certificate. If you have any further questions regarding our minimum age requirements, please do call the shop at 623-376-7465.

KEEP IN MIND: We will not do just any tattoo or piercing on a minor. Each artist will use discretion if he or she feels the artwork or piercing in question is inappropriate and or placement is not a good choice. This is a matter of professional integrity and character both of which we take very seriously.

**Getting a tattoo is a very adult decision. That being said we expect minors visiting the shop to act accordingly** 

At Sinful Skin Tattoo and Piercing we strive to provide the utmost professionalism in the cleanliest and safest environment for all of our guests and staff. All of our artists are Blood Borne Pathogens certified as consistent with OSHA BBP Standard 20 CFR 1910.1030. As well as maintaining a professional workplace we also feel it is important to maintain the feel and experience of a classic American tattoo parlor. Our wide range of artistic abilities allows us to cover all the bases to meet our customers’ needs for most any and all styles of tattooing. We gladly welcome and accept walk-in tattoos. Appointments are recommended for bigger tattoos and/or custom work. Please feel free to call or stop in and ask about our availability.

Our artists generally charge by the piece. The overall cost of a tattoo is determined by several factors including but not limited to; size, location, subject matter, and detail. For large scale, multiple sit, and/or custom tattoos an artist may choose to charge hourly. Hourly charges will be discussed between the client and the artist before starting the project. We put a lot of time into our work and some clients’ needs are different than others, so cost may vary based on the type of work or services being provided.

Our shop minimum is $60.00. Each tattoo set up consists of a wide variety of disposable items that keep the tattoo process clean and safe for our customers. It is this set up and its cost that helps us determine the minimum cost of our tattoos. All of our work is guaranteed and one free touch up is offered if necessary (please refer to our touch up policy for details). We do not negotiate prices. If you cannot afford the tattoo that you want, we recommend that you save up for it. You should always expect the very best tattoo every time and never compromise. Always make sure the place you choose to get your tattoos from offer a safe and clean environment with reputable artists. We are professionals that provide the highest level of cleanliness and professionalism to our guests. Our work speaks for itself and will last you a lifetime. We are reasonable, and we will work with you. However, our time is as valuable as yours and we expect it to be treated as such. Good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good. 

Sinful Skin Tattoo and Piercing is a walk-in friendly shop. We take appointments but really… we are a tattoo shop and what kind of tattoo shop doesn’t take walk-ins? Walk-ins are offered on a first come first serve basis and are completed around our previously scheduled appointments. If you have a tattoo in mind and you do not have an appointment we recommend you arrive when the shop opens and have a brief consult with an artist. If your design is one in which we can fit in to our schedule we will fit you in to our first available spot. Keep in mind, the only way to guarantee yourself a spot is to set an appointment. Some days are busier than others and if you have your heart set on a particular day and time we recommend setting an appointment to guarantee yourself a spot in our schedule.

Please keep in mind that not just any tattoo is a walk-in. If you’re looking for bigger and/or custom work your best bet is to have a brief consultation with an artist and set an appointment. Good artists stay busy and sometimes we cannot tattoo you simply because we are busy with someone else. We are always available for consultations and we will gladly take a few moments to not just greet you but to talk with you about your tattoo. Feel free to call us and ask about availability, but nothing beats visiting the shop in person.   

Here at Sinful Skin Tattoo & Piercing we adhere to a higher standard that is set for the tattoo industry as a whole. As of 2019, Arizona remains as one of the last of the “outlaw” states and has very few laws in regard to tattooing and the handling of bio-hazardous materials generated in relation to tattooing. Starting in 2020, the state will be taking new measures in regard to regulating the local tattoo industry. Although these standards are new to Arizona, Sinful Skin great lengths to provide our guests with the safest and most sterile working environment. It is our belief that tattooers and piercers alike must take it upon themselves to be at the forefront of creating and maintaining sterile procedures for our industry. The staff at Sinful Skin takes measures to provide the highest level of cleanliness and professionalism. We use numerous single use supplies to ensure a clean work space and all of our autoclaves are cleaned and spore tested monthly. If you have any questions about the sterilization procedure or tattoo process, please feel free to ask a staff member. All of our artists are Blood Borne Pathogens certified as consistent with OSHA BBP Standard CFR 1910.1030.




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